Your Glove Source now offers Bullhead Safety Eyewear

Your Glove Source now offers Bullhead Safety Eyewear

Your Glove Source is expanding their product line; we are pleased to announce we now carry Bullhead Safety Eyewear. This will help you and your employees remain safe and protected from any hazards you may encounter. Continue reading this article to find out some of they key features that Bullhead Safety Eyewear has to offer.

Featured Technology
The full line of Bullhead Safety Eyewear offers a wide variety and combination of incredible features to ensure that your eyes have the most protection possible. Each pair of Safety Eyewear is ballistic rated, and exceeds the ANSI 2.87.1 impact testing. This means that each pair meets or exceeds military specifications and requirements for protection against ballistic fragmentation impact.
Some of the other standard features that you’ll find in each pair of Bullhead Safety Eyewear include hard coating, UV rating, tapered lens, and an ergonomic fit.
The hard coating found on the lens is meant to create a superb scratch resistant surface. All Bullhead lenses meet or exceed protection standards regarding UV rays, meaning they filter out up to 99.9% of dangerous UV light. The unique tapered lense that Bullhead eyewear offers does wonders at eliminating distortion. It focuses the light directly to the eye, allowing wearers to maintain full peripheral clarity. This is a huge benefit to consumers because it reduces eye fatigue, depth perception problems, as well as headaches.  And finally, the ergonomic fit of each pair contours to the natural slope of the wearers head which relieves common pressure points and enhances comfort with the lightweight and flexible frame.

Other optional features of Bullhead Safety Eyewear include precision lenses, anti-fog, variable tint, polarization, and flame resistant foam padding.
The precision lens option helps to manage the blue light that enters the lens, which makes objects appear sharper and clearer, as well as reduces eyestrain. The anti-fog option significantly reduces fog in hot, humid, and variable temperature environments. This is achieved by applying a double dip coating of a hydrophilic anti-fog treatment to each lens. The variable tint feature, or photochromic feature allows the lenses to darken when they are exposed to UV light, and then return to clear when returning indoors or away from UV light. Polarized lenses help to filter out bent light, which results in eliminating glare, eye fatigue, and reduces reflection off many surfaces. The flame resistant foam padding may be one of the most unique features Bullhead has to offer. This foam padding goes around the lenses of the glasses and forms a seal around the eye protecting the wearer from dust and other airborne particles.
Lens Application
These Bullhead lenses can really be used in a wide variety of applications and work situations whether indoors or outdoors. Your Glove Source carries a nice range of  Bullhead Safety Eyewear with options ranging from suitability in outdoor and industrial applications, as well as indoor dental and medical applications.

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