As part of our product collection range at YGS, we offer air filtration respirators that provide workers protection against all sorts of air pollutants. They also provide workers with protection against inhaling harmful particles.


  • GVS P100 particulate respirator
  • Nuisance odor respirators
  • Organic vapor plus acid gas respirators
  • Organic vapor respirator

The particulate respirator is perfect for filtering air while at the same time making breathing easier. It is ideal for workers in different industries ranging from factory workers, workers, pest management workers, painters etc.

The P100 mask is simply one of the best personal respiratory protection masks on the market today. The P100 captures 99.97% of airborne particles and will protect your workers from dangerous particles.

The P100 mask with nuisance odor filters is great for providing protection against inhalation of fumes, dust and other hazardous substances. This mask can be worn by construction workers, pharmaceutical factories, and food manufacturing factories.

The GVS respirator in its many variations can provide protection from a wide range of harmful air borne contaminants. These contaminants include but are not limited to organic vapor, air borne particles, and acid gases. And of course, they are NIOSH approved.