Safety Glasses


At YGS we are all about providing different tools for our clients with the maximum safety while at work in their various industries. We understand that a lot of workers experience eye injuries while at work, which is very heart breaking and sad.

This is why we have included the best safety glasses that can help workers in preventing eye injuries from occurring. Our brand of safety glasses is the bullhead safety glasses, which is quite different from the normal safety glasses as it is quite classy and stylish.

The bullhead safety glasses lineup provide eye protection to workers in various industries as it has good impact resistance and is quite strong compared to standard eye wear. These glasses have been certified as high standard safety glasses and can be worn with the assurance that they can help protect against eye injuries.

These glasses often go by the name bullhead glasses or bullhead sunglasses and can be worn with casual wears or while doing menial work at home that still require you to protect your eyes.

Both bullhead glasses and bullhead sunglasses:

  • Have been approved as a high quality safety glass
  • They come in different colors
  • They also come in different designs
  • They are quite affordable