Some Great Ways to use Disposable Gloves in the Kitchen

Some Great Ways to use Disposable Gloves in the Kitchen

Often times we think of using disposable gloves in work and employment settings, but today we’re going to show you some common ways that you can use disposable gloves in your every day life, particularly in the kitchen! You’ll be able to integrate the protection and cleanliness that come with using gloves into your whole life.
Cutting Peppers


The use of disposable gloves while cutting jalapeños or other spicy peppers can spare you from burning, red, and watering eyes. Not only can your eyes burn after touching them with fingers that just touched the pepper, but the natural chemical capsaicin that makes peppers spicy will leave a burning sensation on the skin of your fingers and hands if not protected.  Vinyl or nitrile disposable gloves would be ideal for this sort of kitchen task because they are easy to don even when your hands are wet, and most have powder inside which makes them more comfortable.
Separating Yolk

For bakers and chefs alike, separating the yolk of an egg from the white is one of the most dreaded tasks. Typically it is easier to just use your hands to separate it, but who wants to get all messy with raw egg all over your hands? Using a thin disposable glove will provide the barrier of protection you need when handling raw eggs, and will allow you to complete your tasks with easy. Vinyl is a great option for this kitchen task because it is very smooth and maintains tactile sensitivity.
Tossing Salad

You may not think to use your hands to prepare a salad, why not just use tongs? By using your hands to toss a salad, you can evenly distribute toppings throughout the salad. You can even drizzle the dressing along the interior sides of your bowl and then toss to get the dressing distributed throughout. A stretch polyethylene disposable glove is ideal for this kitchen task because it maintains the needed dexterity, and also has superb puncture resistance.

Getting a Grip on That Jar Lid


How many times have you had a glass jar that just couldn’t be opened? A heavy duty nitrile glove is the perfect tool to solve this problem. Disposable work gloves in particular are ideal for removing tight jar lids, because they have an enhanced diamond texture, which makes for a great grip, and allows you to open that stuck lid.

Protection Against Strong Smells

We typically think of gloves protecting us from cutting or slicing our hands when working in the kitchen, or keeping raw substances off of our skin. However, disposable gloves can also be used in the kitchen when handling particularly potent ingredients such as seafood, garlic, and onions. By wearing gloves when handling such items, you protect your skin from absorbing the strong odor that often times can’t be removed even after multiple hand washings. A blue vinyl or nitrile glove is ideal for this kitchen task because neither have any potential for allergic reactions like latex does, and they maintain the dexterity you need while working in the kitchen.

Safety and Cleanliness
Above all else, keeping your kitchen stocked with disposable gloves is a wise idea because when you use them it will help to reduce any contamination that could cause food born illness, and it promotes a safe, clean, and quick food preparation session.

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