Anti-Microbial Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves have been in use for a very long time and a popular choice amongst food service workers, deli's and janitorial services. They provided the necessary protection for these applications at a economical price. New to the vinyl glove line is a product produced by Ammex. This new glove is revolutionary to the vinyl glove market, with its built in exclusive Anti-Microbial property. The glove is manufactured using AMS technology which is a major innovation for disposable gloves.

The basic function of the AMS technology is to kill the bacteria and help prevent cross contamination. Obviously this is a major benefit for those who are currently using vinyl gloves in any occupation. Another innovative feature of the glove is the fact that the Anti-Microbial properties are built into the glove and not sprayed on so it stays in the glove throughout its life span. The properties help prevent growth of microbes, bacteria like e-coli, salmonella are killed upon contact of the glove. With all the benefits, safety and FDA approval for safe food handling, this glove will be very popular in the vinyl glove market.


The price point on these gloves are equal to standard vinyl gloves, so we believe they will be a wonderfully accepted for many applications.


You can find Anti-Microbial vinyl gloves (here) 



Key Benefits of the AMMEX Antimicrobial


  • New innovation for food safety
  • Complies with FDA regulations
  • Kills bacteria that comes in contact with surface of the glove
  • Helps prevent cross contamination

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