Food Handling Gloves Made with Antimicrobial Bacteria Killing Properties?

In the fight to help prevent cross contamination, AMMEX has launched a Vinyl Anti-Microbial, powder free glove called (AAMV)

This is a brand new product in the market that could differentiate you from the competition.

AMS technology is a major innovation for disposable gloves. The basic function of the AMS technology is to kill the bacteria and help prevent cross contamination. The technology is embedded in the glove, rather than a rinse or coating.

The focus market for this glove is food service. Food safety is a “hot button.” Anything that can help to reduce the risk of cross contamination and keep the food environment safer is an added benefit.

Key Benefits of the AMMEX Antimicrobial

· New innovation for food safety.
· Complies with FDA regulations for food contact 21CFR, 170-199.
· Kills bacteria that come in contact with the surface of the gloves.
· Helps to prevent cross contamination.

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