Are Nitrile Gloves Latex Free?

Navigating the world of gloves can sometimes be confusing, especially with the vast amount of options available to you. “Are Nitrile gloves latex free?” is a common question that many glove consumers are asking, and here at Your Glove Source, we want to give you the answers.

Nitrile = Latex Free

Nitrile has been given the nickname “Synthetic Latex”. This name can, and has, proven itself misleading. It is true that Nitrile is a superb substitute for latex in its style and structure. However, Nitrile material does not contain any of the protein compounds found in latex; the proteins that contribute to latex allergies.

Therefore, Nitrile gloves are an excellent latex free alternative for individuals who suffer from latex allergies and for doctors who serve patients with latex allergies.

Nitrile grows in popularity 




 Celeste Nitrile Exam Gloves


Since Nitrile gloves were first introduced, consumers have been scooping up this latex free option because it significantly helps reduce and avoid the allergic reactions that latex gloves cause. As consumers have grown acquainted with Nitrile gloves. they have realized that these latex free gloves provide equal if not greater protection against punctures and chemicals, as well as a high level of durability. 

Nitrile gloves boast one of the highest puncture resistance ratings from the FDA, and are thus considered medical grade. These latex free gloves hold up well with extended wear and provide wearers the confidence that chemicals, oils, or other substances will not penetrate through the glove to their skin.

Let your suspicions be confirmed: Nitrile gloves are in fact, latex free! See our broad selection of these excellent latex free options here!


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