What are Nitrile Coated Work Gloves? What are they used for?

Just like the typical disposable Nitrile gloves used in the medical and food service industries, coated Nitrile gloves are free from the components that contribute to latex allergies, and are therefore a high quality option when looking for a protective nitrile work glove.

As usual, there are many different options when it comes to choosing the correct Nitrile coated work glove. This week at Your Glove Source, we want to give you a bird's eye view of these gloves to get you started on the path to finding the best fit for you.

Why choose coated gloves?

These coated work gloves have a coating that covers the entire palm and all five fingers. This coating provides a layer of protection against abrasions, cuts, and snags, as well as many oils and chemicals. It also offers a high level of dexterity, grip and durability, while leaving the top portion of your hand able to breath, keeping you comfortable.

Because of the exceptional level of protection and comfort that Nitrile coated gloves provide, they are a top choice for employers and employees in a wide variety of industries including mechanics, painting, general assembly, and are also widely used as construction gloves. A unique feature of these Nitrile coated gloves is that they provide a barrier between your hands and your work while maintaining much of the dexterity of the bare hand. In the past, work gloves were primarily made of leather or a thick cumbersome material that really hampered dexterity and feel. Because of this feature, nitrile coated work gloves have become very popular and are used all over the world. Workers can do their job and still function efficiently and comfortably.

Nitrile dipped gloves

Flat dip technology is the most common type of coating you'll find on a coated work glove. Essentially, this sort of work glove is achieved by dipping the glove into a Nitrile polymer coating, which covers the palm and the fingers. This precise method of dipping gloves results in a seamlessly coated glove that provides the wearer with a combination of durability as well as comfort. Because of these advantages, nitrile dipped gloves have quickly become the preference for the following industries, automotive, assembly and warehousing. They have also developed the name construction gloves.

Thickness and protection

Clearly, there is a connection between the thickness of the coating to the amount of protection it provides. It is important to consider the thickness of the coating when shopping for your coated work gloves. The coatings come in a variety of thicknesses all providing different levels and types of protection.

Generally, all varieties of coated work gloves will provide a barrier against cuts, abrasions, and mild chemical exposure. A thicker coating on Nitrile work gloves will have a higher resistance to stronger chemicals and are much more durable against cuts and punctures. The thicker coating is achieved by dipping the glove multiple times in the Nitrile polymer. Thicker gloves, like the MaxiFlex Endurance and Tsunami Grip (500NFT, 500MF) are appropriate for use in manufacturing and assembly, automotive settings, and in warehouses because they are extremely durable and allow for superb precision handling.

A thinner coated work glove boasts mostly of its ability to allow the wearer to maintain a high level of dexterity for applications that require handling small or delicate objects. These Nitrile work gloves still provide cut and chemical protection, although they may not stand up to as harsh of chemicals as the thicker coated work gloves can. Unlike their thicker counterparts, the coated work gloves in this category are dipped in the Nitrile polymer only once or maybe twice. Typically, these thinner Nitrile dipped gloves, like MaxiFlex Elite and Tsunami Grip 500G are appropriate for use in electrical work, general parts assembly, food and construction.

When choosing the correct Nitrile coated work glove for your job, it is vital that you know the environment, products, and tasks that will be involved so that you can purchase a glove that will deliver the amount of protection appropriate for you.


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Well I ordered a 3 pack of Nitrile coated gloves through amazon.com, I work in a warehouse doing mail insertion which requires handling box material as well, I hope they work well for me.I was using Grease Monkey (fingerless ) which still allowed blisters at tips also the inner part of the gloves were not durable. Reading that these are flexible coated gloves well all I can say is I can’t wait to try them out.Having such a demanding job as it is,the last thing I want to worry about is uncomfortable hands.


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