All About Deerskin Work Gloves

This week at Your Glove Source, we’re introducing two great new products. We’ll show you what they are, why they’re helpful, and when to use them.

Deerskin Leather Driver Gloves

Features and Characteristics

As we talked about in a blog earlier this month, deerskin leather is extremely supple and soft, which makes for a comfortable and durable work glove. These leather drivers gloves are able to get wet repeatedly without losing pliability.
They feature an ergonomic keystone thumb, which allows for a wide range of motion during use. The driver style of this gloves allows the glove to slip on and off easily with a high level of fit and comfort.
What are they used for?
The combination of the durability of deerskin leather and the keystone thumb features of this leather drivers glove, make it an extremely rugged work glove suitable for use in heavy duty industries such as welding and construction.These gloves provide a high level of dexterity, and are particularly heat resistant.


Premium Deerskin Leather Work Gloves

Features and Characteristics

These leather work gloves are made from the highest quality deerskin leather that boasts great dexterity and breathability. Because it is such a high quality deerskin, these work gloves become softer and more fitted to your hand as you use them more. Once someone has tried a quality deerskin leather glove they will generally never go back to using another type of leather work glove.



These deerskin leather work gloves also feature an ergonomic keystone thumb for superb range of motion. The unique feature on this glove is the 3M Thinsulate lining. This special feature provides added protection and insulation against cold environments and it wicks moisture away from your hands, providing ultimate comfort.

What are they used for?

The drivers style featured in both glove types allows for a wide variety of application in nearly any industry or job. They are very rugged and comfortable, which means these gloves can be used in industries including welding, automotive, construction, and landscaping.

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