Why People are Switching to Nitrile over Latex Gloves

As we have talked about before on the blog here at Your Glove Source, we’ve seen a huge spike in the use of nitrile gloves rather than latex gloves, especially within the medical industry.
However, with nitrile and latex gloves being so similar in fit, comfort, and protection, what is the cause of this huge shift in glove choice?
Latex Allergies
The number one biggest reason that individuals, companies, or even industries make the switch from latex to nitrile is because of the presence of latex allergies. Latex is made from a natural rubber, and some of the natural proteins that are inherent in that natural product cause mild to severe allergic reactions.
Many times the allergic reactions are mild, including skin irritation, discomfort and itchiness. However, in the most severe cases, people who suffer from a latex allergy can fall into anaphylactic shock.
Since latex allergies are so aggravating, and because you do not always know who has a latex allergy, often times it is best to avoid latex all together. This holds particularly true in the medical industry because doctors and nurses, who are required to wear gloves when assisting patients, are coming in contact with hundreds if not thousands of individuals, and they do not want to trigger an allergic reaction in an unsuspecting person.
If you’re looking for more information on latex allergies, you can check out our recent blog.
Nitrile is Best
If latex needs to be avoided, then nitrile gloves are the best alternative; some might even say that nitrile is better altogether than latex. In nearly every industry and application, individuals need or want to wear gloves while working.

Nitrile Exam Gloves


Gloves are the barrier that protects your hands and skin from unwanted substances like chemicals, oils, and other fluids; not to mention minor cuts and scrapes. Nitrile gloves provide superior protection against chemicals, fluids, cuts, and punctures and on top of that they do not cause the type of allergic reactions that are a result of latex.
Choosing nitrile gloves for your next job is a win-win situation for all who choose to use them. Your Glove Source has a large selection of Exam and Industrial nitrile gloves that are sure to meet your needs.
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