Best Winter Work Gloves

With the winter months approaching, its time to revamp your glove wardrobe with gloves that will continue delivering superb protection, but also will keep your hands warm. The good news is that there is a wide variety of cut resistant, waterproof, chemical resistant, and insulated winter work gloves. The following article will outline a few excellent choices for you as the winter season arrives.

Thin is better

Often times, when we think of keeping warm, we assume we have to bundle up with thick layers. When it comes to gloves however, you want to minimize the bulk but maximize the warmth.

If you end up with a thick, cumbersome cold weather work glove, you might find that you lose dexterity and flexibility where you need it most in your work. Thankfully, many insulated winter work gloves come in thinner designs that incorporate really great glove technology which maintains the flexibility you need and offers the warmth you need.


All-purpose Cold Weather Gloves

If you’re looking for a glove that is suitable for a wide range of applications and uses, a thermal insulated glove dipped in foam PVC , such as the Ice Gripster 348INT, would be a great solution. This particular glove features a double layer of nylon and a nice interior insulation for warmth.

It offers excellent grip and dexterity, while maintaining flexibility due to the dipped foam PVC on the exterior of the glove. This glove is also a great option because it is able to be washed; extending the life and use you can get out of it. It provides protection against minor abrasions, however its biggest selling point is the fact that it is an insulated work glove providing warmth and dexterity for a wide application.

Cut Resistant Winter Work Gloves

In many situations, a high level of cut resistance is still needed even when the temperature drops. Once again, you want a glove that combines protection from punctures and from the cold while allowing you to work with your hands with ease. One glove that meets these requirements is the Samurai CR317INT.

This particular glove boasts an interior lining made of 10 gauge terry cloth which ensures your hands will stay nice and warm. The other great feature of this glove is its Tuffalene outer shell which delivers on the cut resistance. This outer shell allows this glove to protect up to an ANSI Cut Level 4, which means that this glove can be used in some relatively heavy duty applications.


The palm and fingers of this glove also feature a latex dip, with helps wearers to maintain the grip and dexterity they need. Perfect for use in mechanical assembly and any industry where cut resistance is a must, this glove will provide the comfort, dexterity and protection you need.

Waterproof and Chemical Resistant Winter Work Gloves

If you’re looking for a truly heavy duty water proof glove to be used in cold conditions, the Frogwear 8490 is the glove for you. There are many great features of this glove that it practically sells itself!

This particular glove has an insulation made of a seamless brushed terry cloth, keeping your hands warm and dry. The special thing about this lining, however, is that the lining moves with the rest of the glove, offering wearers a wide range of motion and combats the typical hand fatigue that occurs when working in cold conditions.


This glove is triple dipped in PVC and boasts an excellent grip that allows wearers to handle slippery or wet objects with ease. As well, the technology within these gloves allows them to maintain flexibility all the way to temperatures as chilly as negative five degrees. On top of that, these gloves will protect wearers from a wide range of common chemicals.

They can be used in many cold condition applications, however they are particularly suited for use in the commercial fishing industry and petrochemical refineries.

Insulated Leather Gloves

If you prefer traditional leather gloves as your choice for the winter months, then your in for a treat with our great selection of premium insulated leather gloves. These include deerskin, goatskin and pigskin leather to keep you warm.

These leather gloves are a great choice for those who love traditional leather for work, play or just driving. We have placed all these winter gloves here in one category so you can easily compare what may best suit your needs.

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