Advantages of Using 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Gloves

If you are looking for an outstanding glove that offers superior protection and allows for wide array of applications; you will be glad to be introduced to the 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Glove.
Here we will highlight five main advantages to using this particular glove; and you’ll realize why you and your employees can’t go another day without switching over to using this glove.
  1. Uncompromisingly Textured

One of the most unique and important advantages to using these particular 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Gloves is that their entire surface is covered in a raised diamond texture. This increased amount of grip-ability allows these gloves to be used in wet, dry, or oily environments without compromising on the wearer’s effectiveness to work.
The diamond texture also distinctly allows liquids to drain past the glove easily without interfering with the work at hand. And since the raised diamond texture covers the entire surface of the glove, these 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Gloves have the added benefit of being ambidextrous.

Ammex 8 Mil GWON orange nitrile gloves

  1. Range of Application
As a result of all of the advantages listed here; these particular gloves are valuable to multiple industries. Some of the most common industries include:
  • Plumbing
  • Safety and Industrial
  • Painting
  • Chemical
  • Agricultural
  • Janitorial
  • Manufacturing
  • Automotive
  1. Visibility and Safety
Because of the extremely bright orange color these gloves boast, they are not easy to be missed in any work environment; including dimly lit workspaces like automotive applications.
Since the 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Glove is easily seen; it increases overall safety in the workplace as well as safety compliance due to it’s easy to spot Hi-Vis orange color and will abide safety guidelines. The bright colored glove acts as an alert to other individuals that the wearer is engaged in work with.
  1. Increased Thickness

The 8 Mil thickness of this glove ensures increased levels of puncture resistance, chemical resistance, and durability.
The increased thickness is particularly useful for applications where chemicals are used because wearers are able to handle chemicals longer before the need to change gloves; which results in less gloves being used and more money being saved.

Ammex 8 Mil GWON orange nitrile gloves

  1. Functionality
These particular 8 Mil Orange Nitrile Gloves offer a few special features that make them especially functional and versatile.
  • Conforms to the wearers hand after body heat warms them. This allows for great comfort along with durability and protection.
  • Beaded cuff makes for easy wear-ability; and ease of taking on and off.
  • Powder free which minimizes residue within the glove and on the wearer’s hands.
  • Protects against up to 60% more chemicals
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