Why are Disposable Gloves Getting Thinner?

There are countless industries where employees utilize disposable gloves and are required to change those gloves quite frequently to maintain protection and cleanliness. Currently, there is a rising trend in the glove industry where disposable gloves are being manufactured thinner than what we have come to expect.
In this article we will discuss a few of the reasons why this trend is rising, and why a thinner disposable glove could offer benefits for you and your employees.
Cost Effective
One of the most obvious benefits coming from this shift in the glove industry is the reduction in cost. Since the disposable gloves are being manufactured with less material, the cost per glove decreases.
In many industries like food service, medical, or dental where employees change their disposable gloves up to twenty times per day; becoming more cost effective is a must.
Developing Technology
As manufactures see consumers demanding thinner disposable gloves, they are rising to the occasion by striving to develop more innovative glove technology. Their capabilities are improving and expanding allowing many manufacturers to produce lighter and thinner disposable gloves without losing any of the protection that consumers need.

The standard industry thickness has dropped from 4-5 mil to 3 mil. While maintaining a high level of puncture resistance; these thinner disposable gloves now also offer increased dexterity and flexibility for workers.
Maintain and Expand Dexterity
There have been certain industries such as automotive, janitorial, and agricultural, which either did not require the use of gloves at all, or did not use disposable gloves.
Because of the cost effectiveness and ultra thinness of disposable gloves, many of these industries are now requiring employees to wear disposable gloves during work to increase safety. These industries are gaining protection for themselves while still being able to maintain the intricate dexterity and flexibility needed for many of their jobs. Thinner disposable gloves are expanding in the disposable glove market.

More Bang for your Buck
If you could sum up all of the reasons and benefits as to why thinner disposable gloves are increasingly impacting the glove industry; it would be “more bang for your buck”.
When you buy a box of these thinner gloves, you get far more per box, so therefore you are getting more gloves per order than you did when disposable gloves were thicker. Along with this, you can fit a greater number of thinner disposable gloves in your storage area. 1 Case of 10 boxes, which typically will be 2,000 gloves, will only require 20% to 30% more storage space than a standard 1,000 count glove cases. This saves you time switching out boxes, saves space and saves you money!
Its mere common sense that thinner disposable gloves are gaining popularity. The combination of lower costs, increased market share, and maintained protection gives us reason to believe that this industry will not be slowing down any time soon.

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