Flat Dipped Work Gloves: Get a Grip

Flat Dipped Work Gloves: Get a Grip

There is yet another trend that is taking shape in the glove industry these days; flat dipped gloves. These types of gloves are gaining popularity among consumers, and are therefore influencing how gloves are manufactured and produced. This article will look at the history of glove technology and how the evolution in the industry has taken the turn towards flat dipped gloves.
History of Glove Technology
Generally speaking, the entire history of glove technology development can be divided in to two main eras: before coated gloves and after coated gloves. The trifecta of technology developments that eventually led to the growth of flat dip technology was in the areas of knitting, manufacturing, and polymers.
When this significant technology of flat dipping gloves came on the scene, originating in Japan, other developments paled in comparison with this revolutionary advance. With the development of flat dipping technology, consumers were provided with excellent grip and dexterity, improved by the use of these natural and synthetic coatings.
Flat Dip Technology Explained

 Flat dipped work gloves

This specific technology refers to a precise palm coating of a polymer that is placed on a synthetic or knitted cotton shell. This polymer coating covers all the way from the palms to the sides of the fingertips.
The flat dip technology is different from other glove coatings because it is so precisely applied. It is the even distribution of the coating and the accuracy with which it is applied, which separates flat dipped gloves from other coated gloves.
This advanced technology results in gloves that offer consumers a seamlessly coated glove, which delivers the superb comfort combined with excellent strength and ruggedness.
Where are Flat Dipped Gloves Used?
The wide spread versatility of use is what makes flat dipped gloves universally appealing. These gloves are suitable to be used in virtually any industry ranging from automotive repair to construction sites. Due to the superior quality of knitting and range of coatings found in flat dipped gloves, they are also gaining popularity of use in electronic assembly, or other industries that require intricate tasks.
The exceptional grip offered by flat dipped gloves has brought these gloves to the forefront of industrial companies. It seems as though their popularity will only begin to grow from here and expand into other arenas where consumers desire the outstanding grip, comfort, and durability that flat dipped gloves can offer.

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