Selecting the Correct Glove for the Job

Selecting the Correct Glove for the Job

The use of disposable gloves is extremely widespread across many industries from medical to automotive, to food preparation. Along with the wide variety of use for disposable gloves, there are also a wide range of types of disposable gloves to choose from. It is important to select the correct glove material for your particular task, so that you are properly protected from any potential hazardous materials or tools.
Here we will take a look at the main types of materials used in disposable gloves and give you some general information that you need to select the proper glove for your task.
Disposable latex gloves are best known for offering wearers the highest level of flexibility as well as dexterity. Because of this, they are often times more comfortable for long term wear. Disposable latex gloves are also very well known because they cause allergic symptoms for many individuals.
These types of gloves are a popular choice for the following applications: janitorial work, childcare, plumbing, painting, beauty services, as well as the more common dental and medical fields. Anyone who chooses latex gloves (Natural Rubber Latex) should be well informed about potential risks associated with using latex gloves. Learn more about latex allergies here.

Glove Plus Latex Gloves
Disposable nitrile gloves are growing in popularity, even over disposable latex gloves, because they do not cause such intense allergic reactions and they deliver an increased level of puncture and abrasion resistance as well as protection against chemicals. Similar to latex in many ways, they provide high levels of comfort, flexibility, and dexterity.

SemperSure Nitrile Exam
You will see disposable Nitrile gloves coming in many different colors such as blue, black, orange, and purple. Not only can these serve as a fun fashion statement, but for functionality as well. For example, wearing a double layer of gloves in different colors will allow you to clearly see when you have punctured the first layer of protection. Workers in industrial environments typically use orange gloves so that they can clearly see theirs and others hands at work.

Disposable ploy gloves are also very popular for use in the food service industry. They are perfectly suited for this industry because of their loose fit that allows for quick and repeated glove changes. These gloves provide sufficient puncture resistance for mild food preparation applications, but even more than that, they provide customers with the assurance that their food is protected from any germs or contaminants.

CPE Poly Glove
Disposable vinyl gloves are becoming very prevalent particularly in food service and processing industries. Vinyl gloves feature a looser fit than latex or nitrile with a smooth fit that conforms to the wearers hand for great dexterity. Aside from popular use in the food service industry, disposable vinyl gloves are appropriate for use in applications like medical and janitorial and sanitation.

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