High Performance Cut Resistance: MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743

High Performance Cut Resistance: MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743

This is the glove you’ve been waiting for! This is a premium glove that boasts a seamless knit body with a nitrile coated foam grip on the outer layer on the palm and fingers of the glove. This glove is ideal for applications such as assembly, automotive, HVAC, construction, wiring, aviation, warehouses and much more! Keep reading to find out more about what this excellent glove has to offer you.
Superb Protection
What makes the protection this specific glove offers superior to other gloves in this niche? Well, the MaxiFlex Cut is constructed using CutTech technology. They have developed truly state-of-the-art fibers that maintain both high levels of protection and comfort.
This glove scores particularly well in the majority of the properties that the EN388 Standards put forth including abrasion, cut, and tear resistance. According to the ANSI Standards, this glove scores in the range of 2-3. Both of these ratings show that this MaxiFlex Cut glove has the capability to protect your hands from mild, every day hazards, and should be perfectly suitable for most applications.

MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743
Maintained Comfort and Dexterity
These gloves are constructed with ErgoTech technology, which offers three main benefits to wearers:

  1. Reduces hand fatigue and increases comfort. The construction of these gloves helps to maintain the “hand at rest” feeling.
  2. Groundbreaking knitting technology, which translates to gloves that have smooth and rounded fingertips; increasing fingertip sensitivity.
  3. Reliable liner dispersion resulting from the nitrile, which allows the soft inner lining to be the only thing resting against your skin.
These particular gloves also offer a reinforced area between the thumb and forefinger, which increases the durability of these gloves. They also boast 360° breathability, allowing workers to continue wearing these gloves comfortably throughout the entire workday.
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