Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874 Vs Tsunami Grip 500NFT

Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874 Vs Tsunami Grip 500NFT

When it comes to purchasing general-purpose work gloves for you and your employees, some times it can be difficult to decide between gloves when they are so similar. This article will look at two similar work gloves, and outline the similarities and differences between them as well as the benefits of using both.
Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874
This particular glove has become the forerunner when it comes to breathable, precision handling in dry work conditions. It is constructed from a micro-foam nitrile material that truly makes this glove the most breathable on the market. These two factors have made it one of the most popular work gloves.
It also offers an increased degree of thinness and is very form fitting to the hand. The exterior nitrile coating allows the user to maintain excellent grip while working, but also maintains a soft, comfortable interior against the users hands.
This ultra comfortable work glove is perfectly suited for applications such as automotive industries, assembly, painting, horticulture, or any other industry task that requires a high level of dexterity and grip.


Tsunami Grip 500NFT
Similar to the Maxiflex Ultimate 34-874, this glove also offers users excellent dexterity, comfort, and tactile sensitivity. It is also constructed from a type of micro-foam, making it lightweight and breathable just like the Maxiflex.
The Tsunami Grip 500NFT also offers an exterior nitrile coating, which delivers superb grip and dexterity to users.


The Tsunami Grip 500NFT and MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 are both well suited for use in dry environments. They excel in applications such as electronic assembly, food processing, automotive, construction and gardening.

Both of these gloves have extremely similar features that offer users high levels of comfort, fit, dexterity, and protection. When deciding between the two, it mainly comes down to user preference. We have used both of these gloves ourselves in our warehouse and find them equal performers that get the job done! Try a pair of each and judge for your self. We believe you will be extremely happy with either of these two staple nitrile coated gloves.

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