Construction Sites: The Correct Safety Glove for the Job!

Construction Sites: The Correct Safety Glove for the Job!

Personal protection is key in the construction industry, especially when individuals are handling hazardous materials and heavy-duty equipment. One way to protect yourself and your workers is by utilizing proper work gloves, which can minimize personal injury.
Some of the most common characteristics that workers look for in a suitable work glove include comfort, durability, and protection. In this article will look at some work gloves that meet these characteristics, and are ideal for work on construction sites.
Correct Gloves for the Job
One main concern in the construction industry, is that workers are forfeiting the protection of work gloves because they lose the dexterity they need when wearing bulky work glove. So, the goal then, is to find a work glove that offers the protection workers need while maintaining the dexterity and comfort they desire.


One such glove is the Samurai CR998MF. This glove combines comfort and protection seamlessly. The Hi Vis mach finish used on the palm and fingers ensures that the wearer will experience excellent grip while providing superb dexterity and tactile sensitivity as well as comfort. This particular glove also has a ANSI level 4 cut resistance rating, which means that it can stand up to the various materials, tools, and equipment that construction workers encounter on a daily basis.


 CR 998MF Cut Resistant Glove


The MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 glove offers an extremely high degree of grip and dexterity for work gloves, and are particularly suited for construction workers who are gripping tools and small pieces of equipment like screws, bolts, and washers day in and day out. These gloves boast thinness, breathability, and an optimized grip that will make them one of your favorite pairs of work gloves.


MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874

Leather work gloves are not out of the question either. While some in the industry believe other glove materials are superior to leather, they really are still an excellent choice for work gloves. While they may not provide the sensitivity and dexterity of the  Maxiflex Ultimae 34-874 and the CR998MF these Samurai CR900LF cowhide gloves are exceptional because they overcome many negative stereotypes about leather work gloves. They are constructed with a hybrid leather face, which delivers much more breathability for the wearer than traditional leather gloves. They also have earned a ANSI level 5 cut resistance rating, which means they provide excellent cut protection are durable and strong enough to stand up to the toughest of jobs.


 Samurai CR900LF


No matter what type of work glove you decide on, be sure to select one that will offer the level of protection that you and those around you need for the job. You can take a peek at all the variations and options for these work gloves here.

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