Tattoo Artist Safety Awerness


Health Risks Associated With Tattooing

  • There are many known, as well as still unknown health risks, associated with tattooing. What is important to realize is that tattooing is a lot like having a small medical procedure done. As tattooing directly involves skin and bodily fluids, the artist as well as the client are at risk for contracting blood borne pathogens, viruses and a wide range of infections. Tattooing can be very safe if the correct hygienic procedures are followed.

Tattoo Artist safety Tips

  • Before donning gloves, wash hands thoroughly with a germicidal soap and check for any cuts or abrasions and bandage anything that is found.
  • After donning your gloves avoid touching surfaces that could be contaminated ( such as answering the phone). 
  • If a interruption takes place during a tattoo session ( such as answering the phone or leaving the immediate work area) it is best practice to rewash hands and don a new pair of gloves.
  • If using latex gloves, always ask your client if they have any known latex allergies.
  • Keep nails trimmed to avoid glove punctures and check for pinholes and tears while tattooing.


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