Things to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Glove

Things to Consider When Choosing a Disposable Glove

Disposable gloves are very widely utilized in many industries, and there are just as many varieties of disposable gloves as there are uses for them. In order to help you better navigate the world of disposable gloves, this article will provide a refresher about some key facts about disposable gloves.
Most Disposable Gloves are Thin
While most disposable gloves you see used in the dentist and medical field are very thin and formed to the skin, not all disposable gloves are this way. Some disposable gloves used in automotive or other heavy-duty applications can come in thicknesses anywhere from eight to fifteen millimeters. One key factor of disposable gloves is that they allow wearers to have the dexterity and tactile sensitivity that they need to perform certain tasks, and these thicker versions maintain those sensitivities.
Available in a Variety of Materials for Different Jobs
The most common disposable glove material is latex. This natural rubber material provides wearers with possibly the highest level of flexibility and tactile sensitivity. However, latex gloves cause many people to fall victim to allergic reactions. The next best disposable glove material is nitrile. It comes very close to matching the level of flexibility, dexterity, and tactile sensitivity found in latex gloves, but without the allergic reactions. Nitrile gloves are suitable for nearly every situation; from janitorial work to food service and medical industries.
Add Disposable Gloves to Your Stylish Wardrobe
Believe it or not, you can have some fun with your disposable gloves on the job. Nowadays you can find disposable nitrile gloves in any color of the rainbow, so you’re not stuck with the standard issue powder blue. Not only does this spectrum allow workers to express their own personal flair, but certain colored disposable gloves are actually more suited for particular situations. For example, automotive workers tend to wear black gloves because it camouflages the oil and grime that their hands get covered in while they work.
Getting Close to Perfect
While their will never be an absolutely perfect disposable glove out there, manufacturers are continuing to improve their technology to try and get there. There are so many awesome features in disposable gloves today. Some have a powder coating on the inside, which makes it much easier to don gloves. Others have Vitamin E within, which helps to keep skin nice and soft.
Whatever you’re looking for in a disposable glove, it’s out there.

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