The Revolutionary New Samurai CR18NFT Cut Resistant Glove

The Revolutionary New Samurai CR18NFT Cut Resistant Glove

We are excited to announce the arrival of an exceptional new cut resistant glove. The Samurai CR18NFT has been called “the most comfortable glove we’ve made to date” by the manufacturer. If you frequently use cut resistant gloves you will want to give this revolutionary glove a go! Read on to find out what makes this glove so special!

Key Features

Global Glove has out done themselves with the introduction of the CR18NFT and boasts the latest in cut resistant technology. This glove features a Ultra-lightweight Hi-Vis Tuffalene cut resistant HDPE shell that is simply one of the most comfortable gloves we have donned. The light weight shell offers wearers an ANSI level 2 cut resistance level while providing superior levels of comfort. The 18 gauge Tuffalene® brand Hi-Vis shell specifically offers the increased levels of comfort, while the hi visibility color adds an extra level of safety for those who work in darker environments.

Samurai CR18NFT Cut Resistant Glove

This glove features a premium foam nitrile coating on the palm and fingers of the glove. The new foam nitrile coating allows wearers to have excellent gripping capabilities while working in oily or wet conditions as well as handling small parts and tools. If you have ever held a screw gun in one hand while trying grip a nut or a bolt you know how important feel and dexterity are. This glove provides precisely that, outstanding tactile sensitivity and dexterity in a light weight breathable cut resistant glove.

The CR18NFT is probably one of the lightest and most comfortable ANSI Level 2 cut resistant gloves we’ve ever tried! Additionally, due to its efficient construction, this is also one of the most cost effective ANSI Level 2 cut resistant gloves available. Which means you save money without compromise. The next time you need to purchase a pair of cut resistant gloves, give these a try, we believe you will be pleased with this glove! 
Versatile Application
Since these gloves are thin, form fitting, comfortable, cut resistant, and cost effective, it makes them extremely versatile and ideal for many industries. Specifically, these gloves are suitable for industrial workers who handle sharp edge objects, glass, sheet metal, or razor sharp steel. As well, these gloves will work well in automotive and general part assembly, And because of their foam nitrile coating, these gloves can be used in dry, wet, or oily conditions without compromising protection or comfort.
We are excited about this revolutionary glove, and we hope you are too! Click here to see how you can afford to experience the best glove on the market.
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