All About Touch Screen Work Gloves

All About Touch Screen Work Gloves

A few weeks ago we introduced a new line of work gloves that are compatible with touch screen devices such as smart phones and tablets. We are excited about these new products and hope you are too. This article will outline some key features about these gloves so that you can stay informed as you look to purchase some for yourself.


Touch Screen Compatible Work Gloves


 Obviously, the key distinguishing factor in these four gloves is their touch screen compatibility. Each is coated with a patent pending Lightning Touch Technology which offers wearers the ability to use their touch screen devices effectively without removing their gloves. This adds a whole new level of convenience and efficiency for workers. While it may not seem like much to spend a few seconds removing your gloves to answer a phone call or respond to an email, these seconds add up over the course of a day. So for industry workers who need to be in contact with suppliers and consumers throughout the day, these touch screen compatible work gloves can be a real game changer.
All four of these gloves are manufactured by Apollo, a company that has been at the forefront of developing this revolutionary touch screen compatible coating. Their goal through developing this technology is to make it easier for industry workers to multi-task throughout their work-day, saving them time and money.
Along with this major touch screen function, these gloves also maintain the level of protection, durability, and dexterity that are a must for employees across all industries. Most of these gloves feature some sort of polymer coating or gripping dots which allow workers to maintain the grip they need in wet, oily, or dry conditions.
Each of these touch resistant work gloves has an ANSI abrasion rating level of 2 or higher, meaning that they are suitable for use in many applications. Some of course, have a higher ANSI rating, which means they can be used in situations that are more heavy-duty. Regardless, it is a no brainer for you and your employees to try these touch screen work gloves. In the long run they can increase efficiency and productivity in your work place, especially in demanding environments where touch screen compatibility is a must.
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