Tool Grabber Hi Vis Touch Screen Work Glove

Tool Grabber Hi Vis Touch Screen Work Glove

This is one of our new work gloves featuring touch screen capability. The touch
screen capability with these gloves offers wearers the opportunity for increased
productivity on the job because they allow you to go from work tasks to answering
phone calls and emails on your phone or tablet.


Tool Grabber Touch Screen glove

Key Features:
This bright colored glove features the patent pending Lighting Touch Technology
which provides touch capability for wearers using smartphones and tablets.
These gloves also have a high visibility nylon liner that adds an extra level of comfort. As well, these gloves feature a Velcro wrist closure that gives wearers customizable comfort as they put on and take off their gloves.

The Tool Grabber Hi Vis Work Glove is a highly durable glove that is rated with a ANSI
Abrasion Level 4, which means that it can withstand heavy duty work conditions.
It also means users will have long lasting protection, and will get great value for out of these gloves.

PU Coating
While this glove specifically features a hybrid PU foam nitrile coating, many gloves utilize a PU coating. Both of these types of coatings are what enables these work gloves to be compatible with touch screen devices. The hybrid PU coating is generally lightweight but maintains the level of durability and protection needed in a work glove. Not only that, but the PU coating offers wearers a superb snug fit and comfort.

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