Cut Resistant Gloves as Spear Fishing Gloves?

Cut Resistant Gloves as Spear Fishing Gloves?

Spear Fishing and Cut Resistant Gloves
Cut resistant gloves aren’t just for work anymore! You can also use these gloves to play just as hard as you work. These MaxiFlex cut resistant gloves provide the same sort of protection you would expect in a heavy-duty work environment, in recreational activities such as spear fishing.


Spear Fishing Gloves
A handful of our customers who have purchased these gloves and advocate for how these gloves perform and hold up to the wear and tear of spearfishing. Christopher says:
“The MaxiFlex Cut are my preference for spearfishing gloves. They fit amazingly well and hold a pole spear great. They are durable and last roughly a year on coral and rock, which is a very long time considering how I treat my gear”.
Why the MaxiFlex Cut?
This specific cut resistant glove is rated at an ANSI cut resistance level 2, which provides a pretty substantial level of protection. Just as in the work place, there are many hazards that these gloves protect wearers from, such as rough coral, sharp spines and teeth of fish, and other elements involved in spear fishing.

MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743
This glove is also constructed in a way that maximizes comfort as well as flexibility and dexterity, which are important glove characteristics to have when partaking in activities such as spear fishing. Another feature of this glove construction is the reinforced thumb crotch which adds another important level of durability for avid fishermen who regularly have a spear resting in their hands.

Because of its level of cut resistance as well as its superb fit, feel, and flexibility, the MaxiFlex Cut glove is perfect for your next extreme adventure, whether that be spearfishing or something else thrilling!

We recently introduced another cut resistant glove we feel has very similar characteristics to the MaxiFlex Cut and would be a formidable choice as a spear fishing glove. The CR18NFT Hi-Vis nitrile coated glove with ultra light weight HDPE Shell is one of the lightest weight gloves on the market today.

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