A Clean Restaurant Kitchen Makes A Great Impression

As a customer, you know the feeling when you walk into a dingy, dirty restaurant compared to walking into a clean and tidy restaurant. When you walk into a clean restaurant, confidence is instilled that it is a safe place to eat.
For those of us who own and/or manage restaurants, it is important to keep this perception in mind and ensure that our restaurants are kept clean and tidy.
A clean restaurant is not just a first impression, it encompasses far more than that. When customers walk into a clean restaurant, the ambiance is established along with an impression of quality customer service.
Additionally, and potentially most importantly, cleanliness of your restaurant directly reflects (to customers) the safety of the food you serve. Of course, this perception should be backed up with the proper use of gloves and other personal protective equipment in food preparation areas.
It is so important to maintain exceptional safety and cleaning procedures in the kitchen of your restaurant because all it takes to significantly damage the reputation of a restaurant is an outbreak of some sort of foodborne illness. Most foodborne illnesses can be minimized and avoided by using proper gloves and PPE and cleaning procedures.
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