A Few Must Have’s When Choosing Your Winter Work Gloves

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

With the first official day of winter just days away, it’s an appropriate time to outline some of the key features that are vital to make sure are included in your winter work gloves.
Number one on the list is a glove lining to keep your hands warm in the chilly weather. You should look for gloves that have an insulating and/or moisture-wicking liner, preferably both! A glove liner that wicks moisture away from your hands will help to keep them dry and warm, which will keep you comfortable and able to keep working without interruption. One great type of wicking material used for glove liners is polypropylene, however this type of liner isn’t super warm.
Second on the list for necessary features in a winter work glove is a water repellant outer layer. Let’s face it, working in winter conditions can be brutal, with the wind and snow and slush and ice, you’ll need to find a glove with a water repellant outer layer so that your hands stay dry, and protected from these elements. But keep in mind, you need feature number one (a moisture-wicking liner) if you’re going to have a water repellant outer layer, because without the liner, sweat will be trapped inside your gloves making it difficult for your hands to stay warm.
The third and final key feature to look for in your winter gloves is good dexterity and range of motion. Many gloves that are waterproof and insulated tend to be thick and bulky, meaning you lose some of your dexterity while working. This may not be a huge issue in some tasks, like snow removal, however it can pose a problem in other areas. If you are in need of insulation and waterproofing, be sure to select gloves that are appropriately rated for the temperature you’ll be working in most often, so as to avoid unnecessary bulk.

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