A Few Signs you Might Need Coated Work Gloves

A Few Signs you Might Need Coated Work Gloves

Coated work gloves are a great solution for you who need an enhanced level of protection for your job. Coated gloves are the best of both worlds because they have a high level of protection and grip due to the coating, but they also allow your hands to fully breath, maintaining comfort. How do you know if a coated glove is the perfect solution for you? Keep reading to find out about a few signs that will help you decided if you should make the switch to coated work gloves.
Number One: Grip in Slippery Tasks
If your work environment requires you to handle materials like oils, liquids, solvents, greases, etc. then palm coated gloves are for you! Not only are coated work gloves ideal for handling these sort of slick materials, but if you need to grip tools or other equipment for extended periods of time, then a coated work glove could really help you do those tasks with greater ease.
When you wear coated work gloves, your grip is greatly improved because the coating creates a micro-suction effect wherever you’re gripping, whether its wet and oily or dry.
Number Two: You’re Fed Up with Getting Poked and Punctured
Even encounters with wood splinters and other similar items, can cause serious pain to your hands and fingers. If your work environment puts you at risk for coming into contact with splintery woods and other materials, then a coated work glove is the added protection you need. While many non coated work gloves have high ANSI Cut Level ratings, nitrile and latex alone cannot protect you as well as a glove with an added coating.
Number Three: Your Goal is Protection and Flexibility
If your job requires you to switch from handling larger machinery and materials, to more fine motor work with smaller items, coated work gloves may be the solution for you. Most coated work gloves give you the flexibility to switch between tasks efficiently, without losing any sort of dexterity or protection. The snug fit of these type of gloves will give you the tactile sensitivity to easily switch from task to task.

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