A Great Glove for Winter Car Washing

A Great Glove for Winter Car Washing

Just because winter is here does not mean you need to neglect keeping your car looking in tip top shape. In many places, the mix of cold winter weather with washing cars is the perfect storm for irritated and potentially injured hands. We have the perfect glove to keep you in the car washing game all winter long.
The Frogwear 8490 Waterproof Glove has everything you could need to keep your hands warm, dry and protected in winter car washing scenarios.
Lets start with the exterior of this glove. They are seamlessly triple dipped PVC  gloves which means they are ultra waterproof. These Frogwear gloves are 12 inches long which provides adequate coverage, and they are also enhanced with a sand paper grip on the palms and fingers which allows wearers to maintain superb grip even in wet and slippery conditions.
The interior of these gloves are just as amazing. The insulation used in these gloves is a seamless brushed terrycloth, which works to keep your hands nice and toasty and dry. The interior liner is also engineered to move and flex with the rest of the glove. Why is this important? Well, it helps to maintain the wearers freedom of movement, which in turn will help to reduce the hand fatigue that comes with working in cold conditions. The fantastic thing about these gloves is that they are formulated to maintain their flexibility and ease of wear down to a chilly temperature of -5° F, which means you can bundle up and wash your car in the dead of winter, if that’s your style.
Be sure to get your hands on these gloves before winter kicks into full gear!
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Buying them for my car washer. His hands are freezing, want to try them out.


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