A Guide to Safer Hands in the Workplace

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When it comes to keeping your employees’ hands safe in the workplace, you’re always going to want to consider protection levels along with comfort and dexterity. Having protective gloves is useless if employees won’t wear them because their uncomfortable or too bulky to complete their job.
If you’re in the market for new gloves for your employees, a great place to start is with a glove trial period. This would allow employees who are key influencers to test a variety of work gloves for protection, comfort, dexterity, and whatever other features are important for your workplace. Then, once a certain glove is decided upon, these key influencers have buy in to the decision and will be able to spread excitement to fellow employees.
We’ve all heard talk of creating a culture of safety in the workplace, and we’ve probably become blind to the endless safety posters and notices up around the workplace. Without trainings and posters, how else can you ensure compliance and maintain an adequate level of safety? One great idea is to bring in individuals who have experienced first-hand, the devastation of an injury that resulted from non-compliance to company safety measures, including not wearing gloves. This is not meant to be a “scare you straight” moment for your employees, but it should help them to understand the reality they could be facing by making what at the time, seems like a small decision to remove their gloves.
More Helpful Tips for a Safe Work Environment

  • Be aware of areas where hot metals and liquids, or chemicals, are present. These can cause severe burns.
  • Take time to perform a hazard analysis of your workspace before beginning a task.
  • Never remove machine guards or controls.
  • Use the correct form and tool for the job.

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