A Helpful Guide To Hand Safety In The Workplace

When it comes to implementing a culture of safety, particularly hand safety, in the workplace it can be difficult at times.
One of the main obstacles employers face is employee compliance. We’ve gathered some helpful ideas to combat that obstacle, and others, as you work to increase hand safety in your workplace.
  1. Use the Necessary Equipment: Make sure that you are providing gloves that are “just right” in the amount of protection they’re offering. Gloves with too much protection for the task at hand can be more bulky and less comfortable, causing employees to neglect wearing them.
  2. Run a Trial: If you are working on purchasing new gloves for your workplace, gain employee buy in (for future compliance) by allowing a select number to participate in a glove trial.
  3. Hand Exercises: It may sound strange, but engaging in regular stretching and strengthening exercises for your hands can help improve your efficiency and safety when completing tasks.
  4. Promote Safety Awareness: You might feel like you’re playing a broken record, but it is important to keep important information about staying safe in front of your employees. It can often be the most routine tasks that cause the biggest risk, because we just assume everything will go well. Try implementing regular trainings and demonstrations to keep employees fresh.
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