Ammex Disposable Gloves Get a Makeover in 2021

Ammex Disposable Gloves Get a Makeover in 2021

It’s always fun to have a little makeover, or refresh, and Ammex thought that the start of 2021 was the time to do that across the board for their line of disposable gloves.

Ammex says that there are three main reasons for this overhaul on their packaging design:

  1. Brand Alignment

  2. Simplified Packaging

  3. Increased Presentability


This company has been around for over three decades, and in that time they’ve launched a wide variety of products, and by redesigning their packaging, they’ve been able to keep themselves aligned around their three core brands:

  1. Ammex Professional: This brand subset features disposable gloves that are exam-grade and gloves suitable for light duty tasks that will protect wearers from mild contaminates. This is the brand where most medical professionals will choose from, including a range of colors in nitrile, latex, and vinyl.

  2. Gloveworks: This line of industrial and exam grade disposable gloves is home to most of their most commonly purchased gloves. This line includes gloves made of nitrile, vinyl, and latex.

  3. X3: This subset of the brand features disposable industrial gloves made from polyethylene, latex, vinyl, and nitrile. They are a great go to for light-duty tasks.


Truly, one of the biggest improvements in this makeover is the new boxes. The design of the boxes the gloves come in allows for maximum flexibility for retail display, as boxes can be stored on shelves vertically or horizontally. The new boxes also feature helpful information like sizing guides.

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