Battle the Heat with Cooling Towels

Battle the Heat with Cooling Towels

With summer in full swing, we’re sure many of you have found creative ways to combat the sweltering heat that comes with this time of year. We have a solution that is economical, durable, and does the job to keep you cool.
Cooling Towels


Bullhead Safety Blue Cooling Towel
Bullhead cooling towels are the exact solution you’ve been looking for to beat the summer heat. These towels are made from a super absorbent PVA material, which is engineered to quickly dissipate hot summer moisture from your body.
These towels are also treated with antimicrobial shields, which will prevent mold from growing, and unwanted smells from arising. These cooling towels are meant for long term use, and can be regularly machine laundered with mild detergents.
Easy to use in all Applications


Bullhead Safety Hi-Vis Yellow Cooling Towel
These reusable cooling towels are perfect for so many different applications such as: construction, framing, equipment operation, maintenance, farming, sporting events, and gardening.
In order to gain the benefits of this towel, all that has to be done is thoroughly soaking the towel in cool water. Then, you sampling ring it out and the cooling benefits will last up to 5 hours!
Other cooling products
If you’d like a different sort of cooling product, check out our cooling head bands and cooling head shades. In the sweltering summer heat, it is important to keep your head and face cool to avoid heat stroke or other heat related injuries.

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Can someone with a latex allergy use this cooling towel?


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