Being Mindful of Work Safety and Hand Safety

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The practice of mindfulness is gaining popularity in mental health communities as a way to help combat anxieties and stress. However, mindfulness can also play an important role in the workplace and maintaining safe working conditions.
Being mindful in the workplace is more than simply paying attention. Mindfulness includes being aware of the time of day, your own mental/physical/emotional state, as well as other cues in your environment. What it boils down to is remaining in the present tense. If you don’t like the sound of “mindfulness”, you can also call this practice, situational awareness.
How to Practice Situational Awareness
Here’s an easy way to practice situational awareness for yourself, or with your team, in the workplace.
First, before a shift begins, take a slow calming breath and clear your mind from any distractions. Close your eyes and simply focus on breathing.
Second, imagine in your mind performing your job in the safest possible manner. Visualize running through all of the steps in your mind, before you set to work. If you have time, physically perform these actions in the safe way, to develop muscle memory.
The main goal is to keep distractions at bay, and keep attention in the present moment. As distractions pop up, taking a moment to breath and refocus can be very helpful. You can even develop a trigger that helps remind you that it is time to focus, such as when you put on your work gloves, or shouting out “ready” to your coworker.

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