Benefits of Using Waterproof/Water Resistant Work Gloves

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Even if you’re not working in a wet or damp environment, using waterproof or water resistant gloves could still be a benefit to you. There are many features that waterproof and water resistant gloves have that ordinary work gloves are lacking. We’re highlighting three different waterproof and water resistant work gloves that you should consider adding to your glove arsenal.
Gripster 44 Double Dipped Latex


This work glove can be used in all weather conditions and is constructed from an super lightweight nylon liner and features a double latex dip. The first latex dip coating is a latex foam that is very breathable that helps maintain flexibility as well as coolness. The second latex dip coating is a wrinkle finish latex which offers wearers excellent dry and wet grip. Since this glove has so many features, including an open cuff construction, it is a perfect all purpose work glove. It allows for great comfort even in warmer climates because of the latex foam layer, and it is versatile enough to be used in conditions that are wet or dry, because of the grip and flexibility the glove offers.
MaxiDry 56-425       


This work glove is a nitrile coated option that is ultra lightweight. It boasts an increased resistance to oils thanks to the LiquiTech technology platform. This glove is on the forefront of the industry because it is constructed from a super light seamless knit liner which helps wearers maintain dexterity and tactile sensitivity, while providing excellent comfort and fit. The synthetic nitrile coating covers ¾ of the glove, offering excellent grip in wet and dry environments. Because this glove is so lightweight, it can be used in any application, whether workers need high levels of tactile sensitivity or not. And since it is super liquid repellant, you don’t have to worry about any accidental spills or moisture seeping through your gloves while you’re working. It offers great protection from liquids and minor abrasions.
Tsunami Grip 590

This work glove is constructed from a 15 gauge nylon shell. It is uniquely double coated with one full layer of blue nitrile followed by a layer of ¾ black nitrile. This double dipped process significantly enhances the durability of this glove, as opposed to other single dipped gloves. The double nitrile dip means that not only is this glove water resistant and repellant, but it offers superb grip in wet, oily, and dry conditions. The combination of a lightweight foam nitrile and lightweight knit shell, offers wearers a glove that is comfortable and breathable. These liquid repellant work gloves are particularly well suited for automotive and mechanical industries where wet and oily conditions exist.

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