Best Disposable Gloves for Child Care

Best Disposable Gloves for Child Care

One industry that is growing right under our noses is the childcare industry. And I think we all know, there can be some messy times when dealing with children. Therefore, it is important to be aware of how you can protect yourself and the children from getting sick or harmed.

It is actually required by OSHA that childcare workers wear gloves whenever they are coming in contact with bodily fluids that are visibly contaminated with blood. And at this time all states recommend workers use gloves when changing diapers as well. Each baby or toddler in a daycare center can go through 8-10 diapers a day! So, while it may seem like a lot of extra waste to put on a new pair of gloves potentially hundreds of times a day, it is required by law. And as a childcare worker, this relieves the potential for spread of illness as well as the elimination of dry and irritated hands from repetitive hand washing.

 While diaper changes and other bodily fluids are one of the main places that gloves need to be used by child care workers, some other areas gloves are used include food preparation and general cleaning. A really great option for disposable gloves are medical grade vinyl or nitrile gloves. It is important that they are medical grade because child care workers are handling babies and children. It is also wise to avoid latex, because it completely eliminates the risk of allergies.

A great vinyl option is the SkinTx Vinyl Examination glove. These gloves are super economical, which is an important feature to consider when you’ll be going through thousands of pairs of gloves a month. They are a thin and well fitting glove which means they are easy to doff and offer great dexterity.

Another popular option is our SkinTx Stretch vinyl exam gloves. These offer easy donning characteristics and have more stretch to them over standard clear vinyl gloves. 

We have a huge selection of disposable medical grade nitrile gloves as well. Nitrile gloves are more well fitting than vinyl gloves which is great for tactile sensitivity but can also make them more difficult to take on and off quickly. They are also an economical choice, with many different variations to fit any budget.

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