Best Gloves for Christmas Gifts

Best Gloves for Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of year again, to make gift lists for those in your life. We’ve gathered a list of great glove gift options from some of the most popular glove categories this year. The three categories are nitrile coated work gloves, cold condition work gloves and leather driver gloves. Check out the list below for options to add to your gift list.
Nitrile Coated Work Gloves
These gloves are perfect for that person on your list who likes to work around the house doing minor construction or gardening, or really any other hobbies they might have!
Here are our favorite lightweight general purpose nitrile coated work gloves: the MaxiFlex Ultimate 34-874 and the Tsunami Grip 500NFT. These are a great price and a super versatile glove for anyone on your gift list.
Cold Condition Work Gloves
Do you know someone who works outdoors in the winter or in cold environments? Then look no further than the Ice Gripster 388INT Insulated glove and FrogWear 8490. These gloves are super comfortable with seamless construction. These gloves can also remain very flexible even in very cold temperatures. Additionally we have to mention a new glove on the market the MaxiDry Zero 56-451 that we believe will prove to be one of the more popular winter work gloves. The MaxiDry Zero offers thermal resistance up to -10°C/14°F inside the glove under high activity. It is also compact and provides good dexterity for an insulated winter work glove.

Insulated Deerskin Leather Gloves
Leather work gloves are perfect for that person in your life who does outdoor farm work or other light general maintenance and construction around their house.
Our favorite pair is the Global Glove 3200DTH and offers a premium grade deerskin leather with 100 grams of 3M Thinsulate that will certainly keep your hands warm. This premium glove is sure to please anyone on your list.

Hopefully these popular options give you a head start on your holiday shopping!

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