Best Gloves for Food Handling

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Whether you work in the food industry, or just cook for your family at home, we recommend you find the perfect glove to protect yourself while cooking.
Using disposable gloves while handling food is super convenient because rather than thoroughly washing your hands after each task (which dries out your skin very quickly and is time consuming) you can simply change into a fresh pair of gloves.
A good pair of disposable latex, nitrile, or vinyl gloves will protect you, the wearer, from any contaminants that come from handling raw and uncooked foods. If you properly change your gloves after handling uncooked food, the spread of these contaminants will also be minimized.
The best option for handling uncooked food, or in any food prep situation, is a disposable nitrile glove. While nitrile and latex gloves offer many of the same excellent features, latex takes a back seat because of its allergen risks. Especially when working in a commercial food industry, you never know who is allergic to latex, so it is best to just use nitrile. Nitrile gloves are very fitted to your hand, and relatively thin, so you won’t have to worry about compromising the dexterity and sensitivity you have when wearing no glove. Nitrile is also inherently resistant to many common chemicals and substances found in the kitchen and are also puncture resistant.
If you are worried about keeping things clean and sanitary while serving food, then you could opt for a disposable vinyl glove. Vinyl gloves tend to be more loosely fitting, so they’re not ideal for situations where you need dexterity. However, they will act as a sufficient barrier against germs and other contamination when it comes to serving food.
Here’s to conquering food handling and service with proper protection!

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