Best Gloves For Handling Firewood

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

When it comes to purchasing work gloves to use while handling firewood, it is sometimes difficult to strike a balance between proper protection and dexterity. Often times highly protective gloves will be quite thick, making it difficult to maintain dexterity and tactile sensitivity when handling tools.
While many people opt to use a leather work glove for handling firewood, we believe there are other options to consider. Leather gloves are still a great choice and work well for handling firewood. We just want to share some amazing new gloves that some of you may not me familiar with. 
Our pick is a nitrile dipped knitted work glove. The nitrile coating on this style of work glove is the main difference maker when it comes to handling firewood. With other glove materials, it is not uncommon to wear through the fingertips of the gloves with just one or two days of work. With a high-quality nitrile coating on the fingers of your gloves, you’ll be able to get much more life out of your gloves because of that additional protective layer. Additionally, the nitrile coating on your work glove will offer additional grip, which is a valuable feature when you’re regularly working with axes, saws, and handling (at times) wet wood.
When you select a work glove that is knitted underneath the nitrile coating, your hands are able to breath, which is helpful in keeping your hands comfortable and cool while working. The knitted glove is well fitting and snug, keeping debris out from the inside of your gloves and also offering great tactile sensitivity.

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