Best Gloves for Household Cleaning

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Cleaning the house isn’t on the top of the chore list for most people, however, it must get done in the end. Since you’ll be using a variety of chemicals, found in household cleaners, it is wise to invest in gloves that you can wear while cleaning. Depending on the task at hand, you could use disposable or reusable gloves. Below are some features you should look for in cleaning gloves, as well as our suggestions for the best gloves to use in household cleaning.
Top Three Features:
  1. Grip: No matter what household cleaning task you encounter, you’ll need to grip something, whether it’s a scrubbing brush, cloth, or small fixtures. Finding a glove with a good textured grip will ensure you’ll get the job done without something slipping out of your hands.
  2. Protection: You’ll be using lots of chemicals while cleaning. Left unprotected your skin can become very irritated, dry, itchy, or even more serious injuries. When shopping for a cleaning glove, make sure that it is constructed with the ability to protect against chemicals found in most cleaners.
  3. Comfort: There is nothing worse than gloves that make your hands sweaty, or rub the wrong way, leaving you miserable after a cleaning session. For you own sake, keep an eye out for comfortable gloves that are breathable and lined.
Top Glove Options:
GloveWorks Heavy Duty Orange Nitrile Gloves
These gloves are super textured, which means that they provide you excellent grip in wet and dry situations. They are constructed with an 8 mil thickness which means that they are durable to handle some pretty heavy duty cleaning jobs. These orange gloves are also highly resistant to oil, grease, and household chemicals.
Latex Flock Lined Dishwashing Gloves
These are your classic dishwashing gloves. They are incredible because they are super thick (12.5 mil) which makes them ultra-durable so they can be used time and time again. They       
are 12” long which means they cover your forearm, keeping                      you dry. They have a honeycomb texture on the fingers and palms, which enhances the grip, important when working   with wet and soapy dishes.
Gloveworks Industrial Latex Gloves
This is a super all-around glove that at 4.5 mil thick can handle a wide variety of general cleaning tasks. These durable industrial grade disposable gloves have a textured grip that will be beneficial in wet and dry environments. These are a super economical disposable glove that will serve you well!
PIP Assurance Chemical Resistant Flock Lined Neoprene Gloves
If you’re doing some really heavy-duty cleaning that requires potent or strong chemical use, these gloves are for you. They are created from neoprene, which has one of the highest levels of protection against strong chemicals. These gloves are 28 mil thick, which provides super protection. They are cotton lined, which is an added bonus of comfort. And to top it all off, these gloves have a really great textured grip that will help you feel secure handling wet or slippery tools and materials.
Boss Chemfit Chemical Resistant Nylon Lined Nitrile Gloves
Similar to the previous glove, this one is extremely well suited for tasks that use very strong chemicals, since nitrile has an inherent resistance to many chemicals. The nitrile lining makes these gloves super comfortable to wear for longer periods of time. They are also liquid proof, which means your hands will stay nice and dry for the duration of your task. They are finished with a sandy grip texture, making them ideal for wet or oily environments.
Panther Guard Flock Lined Industrial Black Nitrile Gloves
These gloves are constructed at an 8 mil thickness, which makes them ideal for really any task, even some of the most demanding. The flock lining featured in these gloves is really great because it keeps your hands warm in chilly temperatures, but it also absorbs sweat in hot or humid climates. They have a fully textured grip allowing you to handle wet and dry environments with ease.

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