Best Gloves for Maintenance on your Mountain Bike or Road Bike

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With warmer weather heading our way, many of you will be breaking out your bikes for rides through the mountains or through the city. One thing that is unavoidable in a bike owners life, is bike maintenance. The need to repair or adjust something on your bike can strike at a moment’s notice, most likely when you’re on the trail in the middle of a ride.
One way to make these moments more bearable, is to begin keeping gloves on hand for bike maintenance sessions. In order to avoid bike grease and grime from staining your hands and staying under your fingernails for days, keeping some disposable nitrile gloves on hand is a great idea. Nitrile is inherently resistant to many different chemicals and solvents and is more puncture resistant than latex gloves, not to mention nitrile eliminates the allergy risks that come with latex.
You could carry a couple pairs of disposable gloves in your seat pack or back pack. These gloves would also be handy for the times that you have to fix a flat tire or make an emergency repair on the mountain trails or side of the road. Since disposable gloves are super lightweight, this is an easy addition to make to your pack, because they’ll take up hardly any room.
Here are some of our favorite disposable nitrile gloves for the job:
GloveWorks Orange Nitrile Gloves: These industrial grade nitrile gloves have an aggressive texture on the fingers and palms of the gloves which offers an excellent grip in wet and dry conditions, which will come in handy when working with small parts on a bike. These gloves are also thin enough to maintain excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity for working with tools and fine parts.
Care Extra Thick Black Nitrile Exam Gloves: These exam grade gloves are textured for added grip and have a high resistance to oil and grease. They are super durable and puncture resistant, which means that they will offer you the protection and functionality you need when performing repairs and tire changes on your bike.
When picking a glove for bike maintenance, we recommend choosing an industrial grade disposable nitrile glove because this will offer you the protection, grip, and dexterity you n

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