Best Gloves for Package Handlers

Best Gloves for Package Handlers

There are so many industries that have a need for protective gloves and each have different requirements. For those of you who work as package handlers for companies like UPS, FedEx, and USPS as well as other warehousing applications. Keep reading to find out more about gloves that would be perfectly suited for packaging or warehouse applications.
Tsunami Grip 500G Lightweight Nitrile Coated Work Gloves


This work glove is constructed from a lightweight nylon shell and has a single dipped nitrile coating. It is also topped off with a Mach Finish which gives superb grip which is very similar to the grip you get with a foam nitrile coating, however the Mach Finish on this glove has higher abrasion resistance. This glove is great for package handlers because it helps you maintain precision handling and is very breathable.
MaxiFlex Endurance 34-844 Nitrile Coated Work Gloves

This work glove is crafted to be completely breathable and 25% thinner than other foam nitrile gloves on the market. It features  state of the art knitting technology which makes it virtually seamless with smooth and rounded fingertips, significantly increasing fingertip sensitivity, which is perfect for package handlers. To make grip ability even greater, these MaxiFlex gloves have a micro-foam nitrile coating that enhances grip in oily situations as well as dry and offers great abrasion resistance.
Tsunami Grip 500NFT Nitrile Coated Work Glove


This glove is quickly becoming very popular for package handlers and warehouse employees because  it offers extremely good fit with its light weight, 15 gauge nylon shell. It also helps wearers maintain dexterity and grip in wet, oily, and dry conditions. The foam nitrile palm coating helps package handlers maintain precision in their actions.
MaxiFlex Ulimate 34-874 Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

This is a perfect glove for all day wear because it is designed to keep your hands cool and dry. The base of the glove is knitted in a way that minimizes seams and maximizes finger sensitivity, helping wearers maintain needed dexterity and precision. The micro-foam nitrile coating not only enhances grip in oily environments but it also helps the glove to be completely breathable. The fit and comfort of this glove combined with its excellent abrasion resistance and grip make it a great go to glove for package handlers.

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