Best Gloves For Steele And Metal Fabrication

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When it comes to working with steele and metal, it is extremely important to be properly protected so you don’t injure yourself on the material or with the tools used to fabricate the material.
This week, we’re here to equip you with the knowledge you’ll need to pick the proper type of glove for metal and steele fabrication.
There are severe risks when it comes to working with steele and metal. Potential risk areas can include anything from improper use of tools, incorrect handling of material, and poor workspace design. Your first line of defense is to address these areas and make sure that you have an appropriate set of regulations in place and that employees are complying to them.
There are specific gloves needed for certain tasks, like welding, in this industry. It is important to purchase the correct type of glove for the task so that you’ll be properly protected and minimize injury. Some of the general requirements for gloves used in this industry are the ability to protect against chemicals found in paints, cleaning fluids, and solvents as well as from punctures, cuts, and heat.
When choosing a glove for this industry, it is best to choose one that is constructed out of a highly cut resistant material. This would be some sort of hybrid knit material that is engineered with extremely strong fabrics that will help withstand any potential cuts and punctures. Another important feature is to find a glove that is nitrile coated. This coating will add another layer of protection against heat (metal gets extremely hot during the fabrication process) as well as enhancing grip when working with potentially oily or slippery pieces of metal.
Here are some of our favorite gloves to use when working with metal and steele.
MaxiFlex Cut 34-8743: This is an excellent seamless knit glove with a nitrile coating that enhances grip. It has an ANSI cut level of 2 and is incredibly flexible, allowing wearers to maintain dexterity while working.
Tsunami Grip CR609: This glove is super strong because it is constructed out of a special fiber that has “space age” strength. The fiber is able to provide extremely great cut resistance, at an ANSI level 4, while maintaining comfortable dexterity. It also features a foam nitrile coating for great grip in oily environments.
Samurai CR317INT: These gloves are amazing! Not only are they engineered to provide you with an ANSI level 5 cut resistance rating, but they are also water repellant and insulate. This means you can wear these into the cold winter months without hesitation. They maintain comfort and dexterity with their foam latex dipped palm and fingers.
Vice Gripster: These gloves are created with a high performing impact resistant material called Tuffalene, giving them an ANSI cut level rating of 6! They also have a nitrile coating that provides excellent grip in any circumstance. Something else cool about these gloves is that they have an adjustable wrist closure, which helps to provide a customized fit on the wearers wrist. These gloves are super durable, flexible, and comfortable.

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