Best Rose Pruning and Thorny Bush Gloves

Best Rose Pruning and Thorny Bush Gloves

Who doesn’t love the full bloom of roses through the spring and summer? If you’ve got these lovelies in your yard, or tend to them in other areas, you know that amid the beauty is some pain. Kind of like life huh? Well, let’s not get too deep today. We’ve got some great new gloves that are perfect for rose pruning, so you can keep your garden in tip top shape, without getting pricked by nasty thorns.
The BOSS Guardian Angel 8419 work glove is just what the doctor ordered. These gloves have an extended sleeve, which reaches nearly to your elbow. This extension of protection will keep you safe when pruning large rose bushes. These gloves are constructed from a synthetic leather, which still retains many of the same great benefits as a natural leather, like comfort, flexibility, and strength. The more you wear them, the more worn in they’ll become, making them even more comfortable and easy to wear for long periods of time.


In addition, these gloves have an added grip on the middle and index fingers, as well as the thumb. This will help you not only to grip gardening tools with confidence but will allow you to successfully handle difficult branches and plant segments.
As you tame your rose garden and other thorny bushes this summer, you can brave the bushes with confidence knowing that your hands and forearms will be thoroughly protecte3d from any hazards.
The BOSS Guard Gauntlet gloves come in a Men’s and Women’s Series. They are virtually the same glove, however the Men’s version is cut to fit a larger hand and the Women’s version is available in a variety of colors and is tailored a bit smaller.

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