Best Way to Get Workers to Wear Their PPE Gloves

 If you’re having a difficult time getting employees to comply with PPE protocols, then check out some of these helpful tips and best practices that can help motivate employees to stay safe!
Convenience is King: If you want your employees to actually use the gloves you have provided for them, it is important to make them as easily accessible as possible for them to access. If they have to go into a back storage room, or into a manager’s office every time they need to get a fresh pair of gloves, then their compliance in wearing gloves will decrease. The more of a hassle it is to access necessary equipment, the less likely it will be for employees to use the equipment.
Gloves that are “Just Right”: If a glove is too thick to effectively perform a job or causes the worker’s hands to become too hot, they will be less likely to use the gloves while performing the very tasks the gloves are meant to protect them from. It is the employer or supervisor’s job to assess the level of protection needed for various tasks and purchase gloves that meet the requirement. Gloves should not be overly protective, as in, not too thick or bulky for the task at hand.
From the Top Down: Managers and supervisors should help to create a culture that values safety by modeling for employees the use of PPE. When employees see their supervisors practicing what they preach, they will become more willing and more likely to follow through on wearing protective gloves themselves.
Education and Communication: It is important to inform employees of the reasoning behind the use of certain PPE. Educate them on the risks of not wearing protective gloves as well as the specific type of PPE required for different tasks. Additionally, allow employees to have a voice in determining what type of gloves to purchase. After all, they are the ones who will be using it day in and day out.
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