Chainsaw Safety Tips

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If you’re working in the yard this summer, it is likely that you might employ the use of a chainsaw for some more heavy duty projects. Or, depending on your day to day job, you might use a chainsaw on a regular basis. Either way, we’ve rounded up some key safety tips to keep in mind when using a chainsaw.
First and foremost, you should read through the owner’s manual of your chainsaw. It is important to familiarize yourself with the functions of the saw as well as the safety features that are built into your particular saw. Chainsaws are a dangerous tool, and so most manufacturers construct saws with additions that help add extra protection from the chain, to minimize kickback, and help keep the chainsaw in place while in use.
In addition to the safety features included in and on your chainsaw, we recommend also using other personal protective equipment like chaps, a hard hat, eye goggles, steel-toed shoes, ear plugs, and gloves with an enhanced grip. Remember, that no glove is immune from being cut through by a chainsaw, there is just no way for that to be possible. What a good pair of gloves will do, however, is offer you a greater level of grip so that you can feel more secure as you hold and use a chainsaw. Check out the impact resistant Vice Gripster or these Hi-Vis Orange Work Gloves.
And finally, here is a quick list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to chainsaw safety:
  • Make sure that the chain oil supply is full before starting the saw
  • Keep both hands on the saw handles
  • Avoid overhead hazards, like dead, hanging limbs
  • Keep the chain cleaned, sharpened, and well lubricated
  • Use an electric chainsaw in a damp or wet area
  • Use the tip of the saw to cut something
  • Refuel a hot saw
  • Cut with the saw above your shoulder height
  • Wear loose clothing
Ultimately, when it comes to using  a chainsaw, you should be ultra cautious and make sure to check your surroundings for debris and other hazards, make sure no one is too near to you as you use the saw, and ensure that they chainsaw is properly maintained.

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