Check Out the New GVS N31000 N99 Respirator!

Posted by Melanie Predolich on

Throughout the pandemic, you’ve likely heard about the N95 masks because they have been in such high demand. We’re proud and excited to announce that we are now carrying the N99 respirator, which is a step above the N95.
The GVS N31000 boasts one of the highest ratings for a mask due to the tests it has undergone to prove its protective abilities. In the testing, the filtering efficiency is tested as well as the maximum level of interior leakage. The N99 protects filters more than 99% of particulates and bacteria.
Some of our other favorite features of this respirator are that they are packaged individually with a fold flat design. They also have a fully adjustable strap, so you can get the perfect fit. The aluminum nose piece can be fitted to the bridge of your nose, including additional nose padding on the inside for extra comfort. And, the respirators are safe for those who may have common allergies, as they are latex free.
As you consider using an N99 respirator, you’ll want to make sure you always check a mask for defects or damage before wearing it. If you have facial hair, you should make sure that your face is clean shaven before using an N99 to ensure optimum fit.
This is an excellent, high quality, comfortable respirator. Check it out here!

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