Check Out the New TsunamiGrip 550XFT Work Glove

Check Out the New TsunamiGrip 550XFT Work Glove

We’re excited to introduce you to a great new glove that will be sure to work its way into your work glove rotation.
It is constructed with a seamless lightweight polyester and spandex liner. It’s 13 gauge, which means it is perfectly suited for virtually any application. The palm and fingers utilize Xtreme foam technology that significantly enhances the wearers grip in both wet and dry environments. The foam dip is also quite breathable, enhancing comfort.


TsunamiGrip 550XFT
Since it is a relatively thin work glove, at just 13 gauge, it offers the flexibility of feeling like you’re not wearing any gloves at all, perfect for working with small and delicate tools or parts.  Not only that, but the extra nitrile finish gives you the added level of confidence to complete your task efficiently.
These gloves are an essential all purpose glove. Because they offer incredible grip as well as tactile sensitivity, they can be used across many industries like automotive, construction, parts or electronic assembly, food processing, or gardening. Not only does the 550XFT boast a lot of features, it is also one of the most cost effective gloves on the market today!
And as if they weren’t great enough, they are also able to be laundered, which means you can keep them in your arsenal for years to come.
Check them out today!

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