Choosing the Right Disposable Glove for the Job

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Disposable gloves are used so widely, and for such a variety of purposes. Every task has different potential hazards, so how do you know what type of disposable glove to choose for your task? This week we’ll explore the most common types of materials used in disposable gloves and highlight what is best about each of those materials. By the end of this article you should be able to successfully choose a disposable glove for your task.
This glove material has quickly become one of the most popular in virtually every industry. This material is probably most well-known for the fact that it eliminates any sort of allergy risk, like is commonly found with latex. It has a superior puncture and chemical resistance, making it perfect for more hefty jobs. This material is super comfortable to wear for long periods of time because conforms relatively well to your hands. Nitrile can be manufactured in a rainbow of colors, which means you can really have fun with your selections. You’ll see automotive shops use black nitrile as it hides stains well, and medical fields typically use blue nitrile. It is helpful, to have multiple colors and double layer your gloves in order to be alerted to any punctures or tears that occur.
This glove material boasts some of the best fit and dexterity that you’ll find in any disposable glove. However, the biggest turn off to latex is that so many people are allergic to it. They are suitable for jobs where there is not a lot of chemical or puncture risk, and where gloves are changed frequently, like child care or salons.
This type of disposable glove material is most widely used in food preparation. This glove material offers a loose fit, lending them to easy glove changes which happen frequently in the food industry. They’re not super cut or puncture resistant, so you’ll only want to use them for light tasks that are mainly needed for preserving cleanliness and preventing cross contamination.
This type of glove material falls between Poly and Nitrile as far as fit goes. They are still loose enough for easy donning, but they are fitted enough to comfortably form to your hand while working. Disposable vinyl gloves are widely used in food preparation, like Poly, but can also be found in medical and janitorial industries.

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