COVID-19 Will Continue to Drive High Demand for Disposable Gloves

In recent months, the demand for disposable gloves has sky-rocketed as virtually all industries have been purchasing these to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Not only have businesses been scooping these up, but individuals as well, so the consumer base has widened very quickly, and the supply has had difficulty matching the demand.
The rise in demand has truly been unprecedented. Studies show, that by April, the demand for disposable gloves had jumped 670%! Over 80% of disposable gloves are manufactured and produced in Asia, and with most of that region on lockdown due to COVID-19, supply truly has not been able to keep up with the global demand.
Aside from supply issues, numerous other problems have arisen as well, including:
  • Manufacturers limited in production due to logistical issues
  • Limited workforce causes shortages of paper and packing supplies
  • Due to lockdown and quarantine, much export transportation hasn’t been able to take place.
With many stay at home restrictions lifting in the coming weeks, it is suspected that demand for disposable gloves will continue to climb, as businesses will be implementing new protective measures for employees and customers, which will likely involve some level of PPE.
So, we appear to be this for the long haul. Expert are saying that it could take 12-18 months for things to really level out.
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