Different Gloves For Different Occupations

There are virtually an endless number of uses for work gloves, depending on what industry you are part of. Below we’ve rounded up the top five occupations that require the use of gloves and have identified the most appropriate type of glove for that industry.


  1. Cafeteria Workers: It is imperative for those working in a cafeteria or restaurant to utilize gloves to prevent the spread of germs as well as minimize cross contamination among food preparation stations. The most popular glove to be used in a cafeteria are vinyl gloves. Vinyl gloves are easy to pull on quickly when a task arises and they offer adequate protection for most tasks and certainly do the job of stopping the spread of germs.
  2. Cleaning & Janitorial Staff: This occupation is probably one of the most often thought of when it comes to using gloves. Employees in this industry must use gloves to help protect themselves against the hazards of the chemicals they use on a daily basis. Nitrile gloves are the best suited for this industry because they are disposable and they are inherently chemical resistant to most common chemicals found in cleaning supplies.
  3. Maintenance & Automotive: Anyone who works in an auto garage or works on maintaining machinery knows the importance of wearing gloves while they work. Using a heavy-duty nitrile glove while protect workers from virtually any task. As mentioned before, nitrile is inherently resistant to many chemicals and solvents and is also quite puncture resistant. Selecting a black nitrile glove will help to conceal the messiness that comes with working with different oils and solvents on a regular basis.
  4. Medical: The medical industry is one of the most important places where gloves are used. Gloves are the crucial barrier to protect medical professionals as well as patients from the transfer of germs and other bodily fluids that could cause infection or sickness. Latex used to be a popular option for this industry, however due to the increase in allergic reactions to this material, nitrile gloves have taken over as the most suitable choice.
  5. Childcare: The use of vinyl gloves are suitable for childcare workers who need to change diapers and cleaning up other messes that happen throughout the day. Vinyl gloves are quick and easy to put on for the task at hand and pose no risk of allergic reaction.
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